Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bike School for Groundhog Day, 2017

Hello again, #BikeSchool! I - @darsal - am picking up the chalk tonight just as soon as I wipe all the al pastor off my beard.

Before we kick it off, a refresher: I will ask a buncha #BikeSchool questions in the next hour. They start with ***Q#

Respond if you wish. No #BikeSchool penalty for "wrong" answers, so go for it. I may even give bonuses for good tries! (Likes, probably.)

(If I miss anything good, please give out your own #BikeSchool likes. Which worked much better when likes were gold stars...)

I really like Twitter’s “quote retweet” for #BikeSchool answers because it’s a lot easier for people to see just what you’re answering.

But, whatever. Always include the #BikeSchool tag, or we won’t see your good words.

And with that out of the way, here we go with #BikeSchool - the groundhog day edition!

***Q1: Groundhog day = 6 more weeks of winter. What’s still on your winter riding bucket list for this year? #BikeSchool

***Q2: Groundhog day = boring, routine. Like some winter riding routes, unless you know the following tips - class? #BikeSchool

***Q3: Groundhog day = same clothes all winter. Any surprisingly useful new items in your wardrobe this year? #BikeSchool

***Q4: Groundhog day = a fun movie! Have you (or your bike) ever been in one? (Advocacy counts!) #BikeSchool

***Q5: Groundhog day = a traditional meal. (The ‘hog!) Do you change your diet for winter rides?  #BikeSchool

***Q6: Groundhog day = finish up those “off season” maintenance tasks. Any big upgrades under way now? #BikeSchool

***Q7: Groundhog day = okay, there is no “off season” - but are there routes you avoid until spring? #BikeSchool

***Q8: Groundhog day = some people prefer winter I suppose. What will you miss about winter riding? #BikeSchool

***Q9: Groundhog day = spring is coming! What’s your surest sign winter biking is behind us? #BikeSchool