Friday, August 21, 2015

Stravistix for Strava

When I used to use simple cyclometers to see my speed and distance while riding, that seemed to be plenty of data for me. I'd put one on the bars and look at the screen to know everything. It started getting complicated when I added other bikes, with different tire and wheel sizes. I fussed with changing the calibration for a while, which was a hassle. More often than not I simply skipped the whole deal, but I missed keeping an eye on those basic stats.

When switched to a GPS computer that I could move from bike to bike, everything changed. And when I figured out how to get that data into Strava, I gained insight into a lot more information about how I ride.

Now I've added another dimension to that, thanks to Stravistix. This is a browser extension for Chrome and Opera that enhances the standard Strava web page with several convenient features such as expanded map options, quick links to Velo Viewer and RaceShape, and a few options to customize what's shown.