Monday, November 24, 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014

Coffeeneuring turns four this year. Not coincidentally, this is the fourth year I've participated in this event. It's not a difficult challenge: ride a bike more than two miles round trip to get coffee (or another seasonal beverage), seven times over a seven week span. Also, document the rides in photos and words.

One change from previous years is that I didn't do it alone. Where in the past I tried to fit these rides between other life events, or occasionally sought company from people who were not attempting the series, this year I rode all seven rides with a single partner. I can attribute this change to several factors, but the biggest is that this year Jean and I have a tandem bike. So, this is a team entry to commemorate our team effort.

The biggest change though is that I (we) actually completed the challenge! The other years I've participated, somewhere between life and other things I either didn't make enough trips or didn't ride far enough - or more regularly, didn't fully document the outing.

Thus I present my first official, complete, and thorough Coffeeneuring report - after the jump.